Essential Apple Show 28: Something Different.

This week we take a different tack as I invite Serenak to join me as we wander “off piste” and meander into the history of why Macs are so prevalent in the design and print industries, what went wrong with his new iPhone and an eclectic selection of “alternative” apps...

Studio Envy

Yesterday in New York Microsoft showed the world what they have been working on recently and, in all honesty, I was not expecting much. However, as the presentation entered its final stages they revealed the Surface Studio all-in-one PC and instantly grabbed my attention.

Essential Apple Podcast 24: HDMI Issues, 4k TV and a Dose Of Barry.

A new superstar of the podcasting world is born as our very own Bazza takes over hosting duties for the week. Helping him along is regular show guest Karl and a very special guest in the form of Dr. Richard Harkness (who once had an article printed in a actual magazine). It's another week of Apple news, HDMI woes and Karls got a fancy new 4k television.

STM Atlas iPad Pro case

The 12inch iPad Pro is a wonderful piece of kit. It has fast become one of my favourite pieces of Apple technology. However for the longest time it basically remained the iPad I kept at home. Both the cost of the darn thing and the insurmountable size of it made me nervous of taking it with me when I hit the road (in my case this is usually public transport as I sold my car last year). However with the recent addition of the Atlas iPad Pro case I have started to feel more comfortable taking this monstrous device out with me.

Essential Apple Show 20: Shut Your Non Proprietary Door

Alongside a plethora of feedback, reviews and an email we go into Apple Watch health tips and tricks, learn a few cool things about Apple maps, solve why picture messages don't show backgrounds, talk Apple news feature the three geeky ladies and fung from the tabletop champions podcast. It's a packed show this week. 

Ferrite Recording Studio Updates - Extract audio from Video and more bitrate exporting options.

Ferrite is perhaps the best way to record, edit and publish a podcast right from your iOS device and I make no secret of my liking for Ferrite. I've used it more than once to edit the Essential Apple podcast and recently did a whole show on the topic of producing a podcast just using an iPad (Ep 17: Nothing more than an iPhone). A new update is out with new features exclusively for paying customers.