Essential Apple Podcast 57: Barely An Atom Out Of Place

What a year this is turning into! This week hurricane Maria battered the unfortunate Caribbean islanders (again), Mexico was hit by a massive earthquake (again) and two loony leaders with weird hairdos traded insults and nuclear threats (again)...

Meanwhile Mark is back from Budapest, and we are joined by the wonderful Bart Busschots of the Let's Talk podcasts to mull over the Apple Watch 3 and the iPhone 8, to stare in awe and amazement at the power and speed of the A11 Bionic chip, and all the other stuff that caught our attention over the last few days…

Essential Apple Podcast 56: Wire Chaos & Apple Event Reactions

This week Cassini made its final manoeuvre and crashed into Saturn ending its 13 year scientific mission, some muppets set off a bomb in the Parson’s Green Tube Station injuring 29 people (some of them children) but thankfully there were no fatalities and Apple held a small gathering at their new Steve Jobs Theatre to announce some new shiny toys. 

Mark is off in Budapest enjoying a relaxing break from it all. So in his absence I am joined by Sherman Gossett (Commander Shroom) from Utah, Ruth (@CutieMelon321) and, at incredibly short notice, Guy Searle (@MacParrot) from the My Mac Show. We, of course, give our reactions to the Apple Event, and some other stuff – because, well, what else would we be doing on a podcast?

I’m a Photographer…

By James Ormiston

‘I’m a Photographer’: those are the words that conjure up an image in the reader's mind making them think, "he’s a Professional", but that’s not always the case.

To me, we’re all photographers, every one of us, whether we’re using the most expensive all bells and whistles camera, or the cheapest mobile phone: we’re all photographers. 

Essential Apple Podcast 55: Mark’s M.I.A.

As Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc and devastation on the Caribbean, and is making landfall in Florida as we record this, and Hurricane Jose is lining up for a “double whammy”, could we once again ask you to consider making a donation to a reputable disaster relief charity. Thanks.

This week, while Mark is delayed I am joined by Geoff Rogers: former owner of Ideas Into Print, who were a 'book packager' for the publishing industry. Like independent production companies create programmes for TV channels, they produced books for publishing companies, concentrating on natural science subjects and gardening, making big colourful books for the international market. Geoff is now retired, a committee member of our Suffolk Mac User Group and long time “not a power user”. He's here help do what we always do; throw our “two penneth worth” of comments and opinions out into cyberspace. 

Can The iPad Replace Your Mac For Photo Editing?

By James Ormiston

Being an old geezer, I’m a little set in my ways and can be a little resistant to new fangled apps and software. It’s not that I don’t like technology or the latest toys and software, I’m a Mac user after all, but when it comes to my photography work, I’ve always been in the Mac and OS X/macOS universe, so when it was suggested that the iPad could some day be my main photography editing device, I’d have laughed at you… but not any more.

iOS 11… The Future

By James Ormiston

I’ve been using the iOS 11 public beta’s for some time now and I’ve had mixed feelings about the way iOS 11 works... some features are really useful, and others are not, some are really intuitive and some are… not.

Essential Apple Podcast 54: Boinx and more...

While we are all enjoying ourselves, spare a thought for the people in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and of course Texas (and anywhere else), who have been affected by devastating flooding this month and, if you can, please consider making a donation to a reputable disaster relief charity.

This week, we are joined by Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software, makers of FotoMagico, iStopMotion, MiMoLive and other *”cool photo and video software for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch”* to talk about, well Boinx obviously, and all the rest of the stuff we came across this week.

Essential Apple Podcast Special: The Kelly Guimont Show

On the week where Uncle Tim had an iPhone 8 in his pocket, Accu Weather got caught out, Elon Musk warned us about “autonomous weapons” and a leak that surprised no-one revealed the CIA spy on everyone, including their security “partners”; we are joined by Kelly Guimont of The Mac Observer and App Camp 4 Girls fame, and, well let's just say the show notes went out the window and this is what happened instead!

Essential Apple Podcast 52: Blood, Sweat, Tears, VPNs and Subscriptions

Recorded 13th August 2017
After my Sunday out with friends last week it’s Mark’s turn to be otherwise engaged with his social life. That means it’s down to me to keep the show on the road. So that you don’t all have to just listen to me I’m joined by Scott Willsey previously of the Pocket Sized Podcast and now co-host on Don’t Nihongo It Alone to discuss this week’s Apple and Tech related news.

Essential Apple Podcast 50: Suicidal Robots?

No guests this week, and not a lot of Apple news, but we still manage to find a slew of weird, wonderful, interesting or crazy stories to shake a stick at... ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Plus Simon “goes off on one” about how hard it was to just play some music files on his iPhone like we all used to do on our iPods... and why he banished the iOS Music app to the darkest recesses of the “Rarely Used” folder on the furthest screen of his iPhone.

Essential Apple Podcast 49: Snaggy, Nitrozac and the Joy of Tech!

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! After a fair amount of sweat, swearing and effort though he thinks it may all have been for the best in the end. This week are joined by “internet royalty” Snaggy and Nitrozac of the revered Joy of Tech web comic and, well, hilarity ensued! Slippers, iPhone Propeller Beanies, virtual carpets and more...

Essential Apple Podcast 48: Hey Garlic Head, it’s Keith R (Longshot) Baker!!!

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! He wanted to tell us all about it but we were having such a blast talking to Keith R Baker author of the Longshot series of historical fiction novels set in the American Civil War and his Technical Advisor/Cover Artist Monica Haynes about - well, everything, that we never even got around to that! Have a listen and welcome to the madness!

The GLIF – First Impressions

A good few years ago, I backed my first Kickstarter project. It was the first version of the Glif for the iPhone 4 and was a neat wee device but, I have to admit, very rarely used. The latest incarnation of the Glif is a much improved product as any mobile phone can be used, with or without a case, and that makes it a really useful.

Essential Apple Podcast 47: Guests Galore!

Yes! Proving that we are actually a “proper grown up podcast” Simon hosts, not one, not two, but THREE guests as @Spligosh and @Dougee join him to wander through the week's tech tomfoolery and his daughter Ruth drops in to comment on the Snapchat Maps furore…